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Tree Asset Management and Data Capture Services

Tree asset management is a vital tool for the growth and preservation of urban forests, allowing local governments and organizations to gather crucial data on tree species, risk ratings, size, health, life expectancy, and location. With this information, they can prioritize maintenance and planting efforts, track trends over time, and demonstrate the numerous benefits that trees provide to the community.

From mitigating the impacts of climate change to improving air and water quality, urban trees play a vital role in creating healthier and more sustainable cities, and tree asset management is essential to ensuring their continued success.

​​By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and expertise, our clients can gain valuable insights into their tree populations, enabling them to undertake informed decision-making for more sustainable and effective tree management practices.


Blooming Tree Group offers a comprehensive tree data capture service, providing highly accurate GPS locations and high-resolution images for all captured trees. This valuable data is utilized in a variety of applications, including:

  • Urban Forest Management and Visualization

  • Large-scale Risk Assessment and Management

  • Strategic Master Planning

  • Large-scale Tree Inventory and Management

  • Targeted Tree Planting Initiatives

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